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Gurhy Mortgages & Financial can offer its customers access to the star performing SmartFunds from New Ireland Assurance .SmartFunds are a range of investment funds,designed to cater for many different types of investors.

Through SmartFunds,you have the opportunity to invest in a range of funds which in turn invest in asset classes such as equities(company shares),property,government bonds,and even more specialised asset classes such as water,energy & etical investment opportunities.

Summary Features 

  • 38 Smart Fund options for you to choose from


  • Options for low risk,Medium risk, Medium to high risk,High risk,& Very high  risk investor


  • Facility to split your investment between a number of funds


  • Our investment partners are STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS




  • KLeinwort Benson




  • Potential to outperform traditional deposit accounts


  • Choice & flexibility


  • Diversification


  • Safty in numbers


  • Risks/ There is a level of risk associated with investment funds.Not only can the value of the fund increase,but it can also fall & sometimes quite dramatically.The value of your investment can fluctuate which is especially true over the short term.Smart funds is not an ideal choice if you need to encash your investment witin five years.The level of fluctuation within the funds is generally associated with the type of assets invested in.


  • Before we arrange any type of investment for our clients,we complete a full financial reveiew with them,to determine if SmartsFunds,or any investment that carries risk is suitable for them or not.


  • Tax treatment/ Under current legislation ,for investors resident in the Republic of Ireland,any investment growth achieved is subject to exit tax


  • Evey eight years


  • When you encash your investment or


  • If you transfer ownership of all or part of your investment or


  • On Death


  • Government Levy/A government levy was introduced on life assurance premiums as a part of the finance act 2009.This levy(currently 1% of all premiums paid)will be collected by New Ireland and passed directly to the Revenue Commissioners



To find out more about SmartFunds, logon to or contact us to make an appointment. Call 0599146900
James A Gurhy is a Tied Agent of New Ireland Assurance plc
New Ireland Assurance Company plc is regulated by the central Bank of Ireland
A member of Bank of Ireland Group.



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