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Who is it for?

Anyone who relies on their income to fund theirlifestyle and meet their outgoings.

What it does?

It replaces up to 75% of your income if you areunable to work because of illness or injury.

Why use it?

Your income is your most important asset. You relyon it to fund everything from what’s in your fridge towhere you go on holiday.

Life Choice Income helps ensure you have theincome you need if you are unable to work dueto ill health. It can:
Provide income for everyday living.
Ensure you continue to meet your monthlymortgage repayments and household bills.
Help you maintain your current standard of living.

The current state disability benefit will pay youapproximately €200 per week. Could you live on thatamount?

Call 0599146900  now to arrange a free  Protection review with a Qualified Financial Advisor - James A. Gurhy QFA LIAM (Dip) 
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